Why we have not seen your site, is this a new website?

Yes, we are a new promotion platform website and just been launched since Nov, 2011. We have researched the existing advertising service platform and we have found that there is none "Promotion Activity Platform" website available in local (Ipoh) market, and now we launched a new marketing platform called "City-Centric Promotional platform" - an effective way to promote business and a value-added channel to local market website.

What is "Promotional Platform" website?

Our "Promotional Platform" website is for facilitating enterprises to increase their exposure in local markets, most consumers are only keen on visiting your shops particularly when you have something that attracts them to come, that is, some kind of promotional offer.

How this website helps enterprises or personal service providers to get more prospects?

The website is open for public and provides a simple-to-use interface that let the visitors browse their interested promotional information at just few clicks away. Once visitors are interested in particular offers, they just have another one-click to find out the serving merchant. Furthermore, visitors can link to the serving merchant's website for further details, and also view the Google location map of merchants on the website.

Will Sofarso.com provides any other services besides promotion offer?

In summary, sofarso.com provides a "promotional platform" that stimulates the economic activities taken place in a local market via promotional offers. Moreover, sofarso.com offers an additional communication channel for businesses-to-consumers and businesses-to-businesses - meaning that consumers can give feedbacks to their serving merchants; and enterprises can observe the latest market information and look for further business opportunities on the website.

Does this website selling "Promotion" or "Offering" some physical products?

No, we don't sell, promote or offering the physical products, but we do help the businesses, sellers to promote and explores their products and services for buyers or those who are interested in.

Where is your major coverage area of this website provided?

The major coverage is local area which is "East", "South", "West" and "North" in whole Ipoh City-Centric Area. The coverage area will be extended wider in future.

What is the subscription fee to get service/products listing on Sofarso.com?

Its business model is rather straightforward. Interested parties, enterprises or personal service providers, are required to subscribe for their listing and promotion offering services at an affordable cost, starting from RM0.22 per day.

Subscription fee details:

-Listing Price:

-Launching Package: