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What is sofarso.com?

• A city-centric "promotional platform"
• An effective way to promote business
• A value-added channel to local market

Who need sofarso.com?

• Any ones, who want to promote their business
• Any ones, who look for promotional offers

Why?  It's simply because of "Promotions"

How does sofarso.com help?

• By means of its nature - "promotion platform"
• Placing your promotional information on it
• Allocated a promotion facilitator to help you

Why people visit sofarso.com?

• It has promotional offers & discounts
• It has local market information
• It has business prospects
• It has jobs opportunities

How to register to sofarso.com?

1.  Get your PF* to serve you personally
2.  Provide your business information
3.  Sign up & your PF will get it done for you

*PF stands for "promotion facilitator"
**To subscribe for 1-year listing, pay only RM0.22 per day

How to utilise the "Platform"?

1.  Consult your PF* for promotional tactics
2.  Decide your promotional contents
3.  Sign on & your PF will get it done for you

*PF stands for "promotion facilitator"
**To publish for classifieds, average daily cost is about RM10

May we serve you?

For further details, please contact us:

 • Mobile hotline:  +016 5205 919
 • Phone:  +05 2815 919
 • Fax:  +05 2825 929

Or, let us know directly via the Internet!

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